Vote Lau for Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge, April 3

Endorsed by:    Eric Severson, Waukesha County Sheriff     Sue Opper, Waukesha County District Attorney     Judge Michael Bohren    Judge Ralph M. Ramirez     Judge William Domina

Vote Lau for Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge, April 3

Endorsed by:    Margaret Farrow, Former Lt. Govenor      Don Taylor, Former Waukesha County GOP Chairman     Shawn Reilly, City of Waukesha Mayor     





You Trust Them With Your Life. You Respect Their Judgment.
They Support Laura Lau for Judge.





Keeps Criminals Behind Bars
Endorsed by Waukesha County Law Enforcement





Laura Lau: The Right Conservative Choice for
Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge April 3





Unwavering Faith. Conservative Values.
Active Member of Waukesha Bible Church.


Laura LauThere are two things to consider when voting for a judge—legal experience and capabilities. Commitment to a community is important too. This largely depends on where you come from.

My decision to run for Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge stems from my extensive experience right here in Waukesha County Courts. My calling to serve Waukesha County runs as deep as my 50 years living here.

As a proud Waukesha County native, I have dedicated my legal career in Waukesha County Courts to keeping our loved ones safe. My family is from here. My children were raised here. My mind, body and soul is dedicated to serving and protecting Waukesha County residents.

“In my 32 years of law enforcement service I have never seen a judicial candidate as well qualified as Laura Lau. With her 16 years on the bench she is the best qualified candidate in this election.  Her judicial philosophy is exactly what we need in Waukesha County and I am proud to support her.” Eric Severson

Waukesha County Sheriff

“I wholeheartedly recommend Laura Lau for the position of Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge.  In the more than twenty years I have known her, I have found her to be a person of integrity and intelligence with conservative values.” Don Taylor

Former Waukesha County GOP Chairman

“I support Laura Lau as Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge because she brings with her an unparalleled level of experience based on her work in the courtroom as an attorney and Circuit Court Commissioner. She currently presides over cases in all the different court divisions and is very familiar with the issues that arise in these cases daily. Laura Lau will make a quick and smooth transition to Judge.” Sue Opper

Waukesha County District Attorney

“I support Laura Lau for Circuit Court Judge.  It is important that our judges have private practice experience, judicial experience and are well connected to the community.  Laura has all of these qualities and she will make a great judge for Waukesha County.” Shawn Reilly

Mayor, City of Waukesha

Laura Lau has my vote for Circuit Judge. She possesses actual experience in our courts both as an attorney and a long time Commissioner. From her Commissioner rulings, I know she respects the Rule of Law, and understands our community values. Laura has a strong family background in Waukesha County. She is a scholar of the law, editing a publication that I refer to on a regular basis. She has earned our support!Michael Bohren

Wauksha County Circuit Court Judge

“I am endorsing Laura Lau for many good reasons: as a judicial court commissioner she already has 16 years’ experience of judicial decision making; she has a deep commitment to the Waukesha County community that goes far beyond the doors of the courthouse; and she has the temperament and legal knowledge that we expect of our judges.” Judge Ralph M. Ramirez

“Laura Lau es una persona de muestra comunidad muy competente, respetada y con mucha experiencia.  Tengo el honor de personalmente apoyar su candidature para Juez de Tribunal del Circuito.” Anselmo Villareal

Community Leader

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And so the adventure begins...

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Tomorrow is the BIG day. Please join us!!!