Waukesha County Court Experience

There’s an undeniable difference in the candidates for Waukesha County Circuit Court, Branch 12. Based on my experience and capabilities, I’m hopeful you will Vote Laura Lau for Judge April 3. Here’s some of my legal experience that sets me apart in Waukesha County:

Only candidate presiding over 20,000 cases in Waukesha County Courts

Only candidate presiding over civil, criminal, family, juvenile and probate circuit courts

Only candidate with 16 years presiding over Waukesha County Courts

Only candidate applying rule of law in Waukesha County Courts

Only candidate working to keep Waukesha County safe from criminals

Only candidate to co-author a book used by lawyers and the judiciary in Wisconsin

Waukesha County Roots

Public service is a calling for me. How a public servant answers the call to serve depends on how deeply rooted he or she is in a community.

Waukesha County is my home. Has been for 50 years of my life. By sharing some of my family history, below, I’m hopeful you get a sense of where my passion for serving Waukesha County comes from.


Our family raised our two children in Waukesha. My daughter, Andrea, followed in mom’s footsteps and became a lawyer. She speaks Spanish and uses her bilingual skills to help people in court. My son, Ryan, is a second year medical student at The Medical College of Wisconsin. My father, Richard (Schmidt), was a CNC operator and my mother, Patricia, a secretary.


My faith is unwavering as an active member of Waukesha Bible Church, where I participate weekly in the women’s ministry and bible studies. Our family shares a strong faith that guides our lives.


Waukesha Public Schools provided me with a wonderful education. After graduating as Valedictorian of Waukesha North High School in the class of 1981, my undergraduate college studies took me to Penn State University. My passion for the law brought me back to Wisconsin where I graduated from Marquette University Law School in 1988.

Community Service

My parents always believed in giving back to your community. My children share these values. If you are part of the fabric of a community, you can help create a brighter future. This is what drives my passion to serve others in Waukesha County.

The following organizations have brought me fulfillment and joy beyond words. No matter the election outcome on April 3, I will continue my work in Waukesha County. I’m grateful to have served on the board of directors for:

The Women’s Center, Inc.

Pro Health Care VNA/Hospice

NAMI-Waukesha – National Alliance on Mental Illness

Parents Place

Chosen, Inc. – Fostering Forever Families